Thursday, 24 November 2016

Sponsor Sales and Specials!

Happy Thursday all and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! I'm very thankful that my fabulous sponsors have some specials going on this weekend...

Mad About Patchwork will be running a 4-day sale, with 10% off orders under $100 and 20% off orders over $100.

Canadian National Fabric will be having a cyber Monday sale of 20% off whole orders. Use code CYBER2016 at checkout!

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop is starting their Stuff Your Stocking event next week – registrations close November 28 so don't delay!

Fabric Please! is having a...



Starting on Friday, November 25, save

30% off 

use code: BLACK16
Then on Saturday & Sunday (26 & 27), save

20% off

use code:  BLACK16
Just in case you eat too much turkey and sleep through the weekend...
you can save

35% off

Use code:  CYBERSALE
Sale applies to yardage only.  Excludes: pre-cuts, notions, thread, batting & kits.

Have fun!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

It's all about the touch

I've been struggling with a serious case of no sewjo this Fall and the U.S. Election on Tuesday didn't help the mood. But we have to pick ourselves up and keep on going.

I shared some of the health challenges my mother faced last year, but I haven't talked about my mother-in-law's (MIL) challenges. She's been declining into dementia for a few years now, with a dramatic change in the last year. It's heartbreaking to watch someone you love slowly lose themselves and become dependent on those around her for just about everything. She can't do most of the things she used to love and since we don't live close to my in-laws, it's hard to help them much on a day-to-day basis.

The Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild had a Touch Quilts for workshop yesterday and, seeing that they had one spot left and our family schedule wasn't insane, I signed up. I can at least make her a quilt.

Touch quilts are great for Alzheimer's patients and little kids, as the tactile nature of the quilts appeal to both. I also learned that the colour black can seem like a hole to Alzheimer's so the quilts we made could contain no black. Parts had to be soft in case the quilt gets whipped around. Also, no beads or anything removable that looks like candy.

Instructions for a lot of the quilt techniques I learned and tried yesterday can be found on the Quirky Quilt site by Grace McNab. They don't take that long to make.

First up, I made a quilt for my MIL. She loves light yellow and blue. With Touch Quilts, the key is the tactile aspect so a good design and pretty colours are secondary. However, I wondered if I could do a bit of both for her.

Lots of different textures to feel and things to do with this one which appeals to patients need to pet or rub and pull. Unfortunately, the quilt batting I brought for this one was too small when I opened it up so I decided to finish it up at home. I hope she'll like it!

I had enough time to make another one that I could donate. This one doesn't have batting as I'm told some patients find them too hot.

I'm hoping that completing these two projects will get the sewjo going again. Always a boost when you can make something for someone else. :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

More Fabric Please!

I'm very happy to welcome Fabric Please! as a new sponsor for Quilt Matters. Fabric Please! is a Canadian online fabric store based in New Dundee, Ontario and owned by Rita Ferber.

Fabric Please

Rita opened her online shop in February 2014 and has been loving every second of it. She has a great site, where you can find products by designer, fabric type (she carries apparel fabric!), theme, notions and manufacturers, etc. Fabric Please! carries a sweet collection of precuts, Aurifil thread (yay!) and has a great sale section.

Did you know that Fabric Please! has the whole Glowing Hearts fabric line? Yes ma'am! Look at those colours...


Designed by fellow Canadian Grace Noël, this line was commissioned by Trendex (Canadian supplier of Moda products) to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary next year. Get it while it lasts 'cause it won't last long!


So welcome Fabric Please! and thank you for becoming a sponsor!

You'll be hearing more about this line and Fabric Please! in a few weeks because we'll be partnering up for Canada's Big Quilt Bee. Stay tuned!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

TGIFF! - Ego Check

Welcome to TGIFF! Yes, I'm hosting again this week. Yay! So you know how I shared my best work to date last week? My We The North Since 1867 received amazing feedback. Thank you all! I'm still replying to comments from last week.

Well, this week is a little bit of a reality check for me. The universe always has timely lessons for me to "not get too big for my britches," as the saying goes.

So here's the story.

It's back-to-school time in our house, right? Our oldest son is starting grade 7 at a new school and needs a new pencil case. Clearly on some delusional high from last week's successful finish, I offered to make him one. Not an easy flat or box style one, but a tube one with an f'ing zipper! 3D projects are not my strong suit.

We picked out some great fabrics.

And I even had the zipper on hand, which is weird because I don't buy those zipper things. Must have come from my grandmother's sewing kit.

I found a great tutorial online. Now, I'll be very clear here. I, M-R Charbonneau, of sound mind and body, in no way, shape or form, hold the lovely writer of this tutorial responsible for my 'modifications' and resulting product.

I redid the zipper three times and the tube ends twice. There were many curse words and much questioning of my sewing ability. In the end, it got done. And done is better than perfect.

Oldest child is still quite happy with it so that is what matters. And really, within a week, it's going to be dingy from hanging out at the bottom of his bag and falling on the floor repeatedly (he is remarkably similar to his mother in his clumsiness).

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